Are you a beginner to have a fish tank? If yes, then you should go for a 10-gallon fish tank for its small size and cost-effectiveness. Not only novices but also experienced aquarists can use it as a breeder tank.

A 10-gallon fish tank can be significant for a bedroom, kitchen counter, or apartment. Also, you will get various options if you search for 10-gallon fish tanks. This blog will illustrate some major fish tank ideas for a 10-gallon aquarium.

The Unheated Aquarium

cold water aquarium


If you want to have a cool water aquarium, this option is apt for you. You can get a tank full of speedy danios. Also, if your home room temperature remains between 19° to 27°C, you do not need an aquarium heater.

Do you have kids? If yes, then action-packed torpedoes can act as crowd-pleasers for them. Also, they are very hardy in nature. Thus, if you are a novice and continue to learn the ropes, they can be perfect for you.

You can get danios at several local fish stores or store chains. Moreover, they come up with an ample amount of varieties like leopards, long fins, zebras, and much more.

Unlike several schooling fish, they can do best in a group of six. Furthermore, if you want to keep different types of danios together, it will be okay. You can see them everywhere in the aquarium and often feed from the water surface for their hungry appetites.

Also, they readily will take floating fish food such as freeze-dried bloodworms or flakes. In addition, you can elicit Malaysian trumpet snails or mystery snails on the tank bottom. It will help you to maintain a clean fish tank.

The Centerpiece Fish Aquarium


centerpiece fish aquarium

Generally, a centerpiece fish is considered the biggest one if you compare it to other community tank mates. Thus, it can draw the attention of a person without much of a stretch.

Here, the showcase fish can be Gouramis like Blue Dwarf Gourami or Honey Gourami. They are less than 8 cm. They are vibrant in colour with full of personality while swimming in the aquarium.

You can surround the gourami along with some schooling nano fish having different colours. For instance, it can be stated that do not keep powder blue gourami along with red and blue neon tetras. Instead of this, you can think about putting orange ember tetras. On the other hand, yellow-orange honey gourami can look amazing while swimming with a group of neon tetras.

You can find these tetras mostly in the middle of the tank. Thus, if you want to fill in the lowest layer of the tank, add nerite snails or Malaysian trumpet snails. They will do excellent work as scavengers and algae eaters.

Corydoras catfish will be a peaceful option as a bottom dweller. They tend to stick together in schools of similar species. Thus, it is to be suggested that you choose smaller species like 6-8 pygmy corydoras or 4-6 panda corydoras.

The Livebearer Aquarium


livebearer aquarium

Live aquatic plants and Endler’s livebearers can be perfect fish tank ideas for a 10-gallon aquarium. Endlers are the smaller versions of guppy. Also, you will find them in various colors and types like tiger, N-class, and much more.

Livebearer fish give birth to live young that can swim and find food freely within some hours of being born. This is the reason behind this name. Even, adults act as predators.

Thus, you can add a considerable amount of dense foliage such as water sprite and java moss. It will help you in escalating the survival rate offering hiding spots for the babies. On the other hand, you can remove some adults if you think about overpopulation. You can sell them to your local fish store as well.

Virtually, Endler’s livebearers eat anything like frozen foods, pellets, flakes, and giant wafers even. Also, as they are hardy, you can care for them without much of a stretch. Being small enough, they can be easily kept on your office desk or in your kid’s bedroom.

If you want to easily maintain your aquarium and burst with colour and life, a tank with energetic endlers is your go-to aquarium.

The Nano Aquascape


Nano Aquascape

This type of aquarium spots its light on the growth of an underwater garden. Here, you can add some live plants as the main feature. Simultaneously, you can choose the best fish to be the side decorations of your 10-gallon fish tank.

Also, you can use carpeting plants, CO2 injection, high lighting, and careful hardscape placement to get a highly-designed aquarium. If you are an advanced aquarist, you can get this high-tech planted tank. These tanks are harder to balance. Not only that but also they need more maintenance.

Thus, novices are recommended to stay away from this option as they can make a huge mess if handled improperly. Due to the CO2 injection and active substrate, the water is likely to b very acidic too. For that, it can be lethal to beneficial bacteria and your fish as well.

Still, if you are ready to take the challenge, this kind of aquarium will be significantly rewarding for you. With this, you will get a visually pleasing project to undertake.

In addition, you can take the time to finetune the layout of the driftwood, rocks, and plant before getting animals. Choose aquatic animals to enhance the design after being satisfied with the plant selection and other arrangements.

Often, aquascapes are planned for imitating natural scenes such as an underwater diorama. Thus, you should add nano fish like celestial pearl danios, exclamation point rasboras, and chilli rasboras. These fishes are tiny and appear like a flying flock of birds amidst your miniature mountains or forests.

As algae control is a must, here, you can consider some Amano shrimp, red cherry shrimp, or small snails. It will help the hardscape and plant leave to look pristine. Swarf cory catfish like hastatus corydoras, habrosus, and pygmy will scavenge for excess food continuously. Thus, they can be significant clean-up crew members.

Here, you must avoid animals such as Kuhli loaches or Malaysian trumpet snails. Animals like these tend to burrow and can make a mess on your scape.

The Upside-down Forest Aquarium


Upside-down Forest Aquarium

This idea has come from looking at a bunch of dwarf water lettuce. Add lots of light to this amazing floating plant. It will consume the toxic nitrogen waste of your fish from the water.

Also, it is capable enough to create bushy and long roots looking like branches in an upside-down forest. Add 6-8 green neon tetras will be perfect here to swim amongst the fuzzy roots. Having a reflective and blue-green stripe, they can be seen in ambient lighting even if the aquarium light is off.

Keep one thing in mind these tetras can be a little shy. Thus, you can get a group of outgoing 3cm long rosy loaches. They are famous for their speckled females and red-orange males.

Floating plants quickly propagate. Thus, you can make a little hole at the water surface for dropping some micro pellets. Once done, make a little stir in the water for making the food sink. If you see a heavy density of the dwarf water lettuce, you can remove some of them. You can give them away to local stores or friends or let your plant-eating animals feed.

The Frog Tank


Frog Tank

Are you looking for getting aquatic pets but not fish? If yes, you can try an aquarium with African dwarf frogs. Generally, people buy an individual frog as a last-minute afterthought as it looks exciting.

It is recommended to add 5-6 of them. Also, you can pick well-fed and healthiest frogs with slightly rounded bellies. Finding them in a local pet store is in no way difficult.

Also, while buying remember that these frogs may attempt jumping out of the water. Thus, you need to confirm getting a well-fitted and tight aquarium hood or glass top. With this, you can prevent them from escaping.

Additionally, you can use normal aquarium plants, gravel, rocks, or driftwood for decorating the tank. While doing this, make sure this stuff is tall-enough to get right under the surface. It can help the frogs in perching up top and also peering out of the water.

Simultaneously, you must remember that frogs are slow eaters. Thus, they cannot cope well with the fast-eating fish. They can be good mates with a clown pleco or larger snails. With their webbed hands, they feed at the button of the tank wafting things into their mouths.

Thus, you do not need to give them freeze-dried food or flakes that float. Also, do not give them shrimp pellets too as they can quickly disintegrate. On the other hand, you can feed them meaty food such as live blackworms, frozen brine shrimp, and frozen bloodworms.

Your frogs may start exhibiting breeding behavior when you add java moss or other plants. This stuff can provide a dense cover. You can see your frogs wrestling with each other and singing.

The Breeding For Profit Tank


Breeding For Profit Tank

Do you want a fun-breeding project beyond livebearers? If yes, then you can try an aquarium full of long-fin white cloud mountain minnows. Also, the adults do not act as predators. Thus, you can effortlessly breed them and you do not have to separate the babies.

Juvenile white cloud minnows, however, can start snacking on their younger siblings. For that, you can fill the tank with ample amounts of floating plants top. Also, you can add dense plants and mosses to the tank bottom.

If you are looking for scaling the population up, you can make this species-only tank. Forget to add other snails, fishes, or even shrimp here.

Being extremely hardy, white cloud mountain minnows can live in outdoor mini pods in the summer or in unheated aquariums. Make your selection rich with tiny food to feed your minnows properly. You can include live baby brine shrimp, frozen foods, and much more as their food.

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