Eco Aquatics are passionate about setting up aquariums. Our specialist team has many years experience in the aquatic industry, and includes a qualified Marine Biologist. Aquariums bring the magic of aquatic life into your home, or workplace. With our expert knowledge, we can create stunning natural displays which will brighten up any room.

We are committed to creating displays with a ‘natural’ look. Great care is taken to select appropriate communities offish, and plants which will live in harmony with each other, and their surroundings. As well as aquarium installation, we also provide a full aquarium maintenance service, which will keep the feature in pristine condition. This service can be individually tailored to your requirements.

We can tailor aquarium packages to suit all budgets, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail when selecting equipment and livestock. Contact us today for a free aquarium installation estimate. EcoAquatics also offer a comprehensive Aquarium moving and transportation service, invaluable when moving house.

We will carefully remove the fish, dismantle the tank, and equipment, transport carefully, and re-assemble at the new location. Whether you choose a Marine, Tropical freshwater, or Cold water set-up, you can be guaranteed that Eco Aquatics will provide you with expert advice every step of the way.

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