Pond and Water Features


Eco Aquatics offer a professional pond maintenance service, as well as design and construction of garden ponds. We install and maintain pumps, filtration systems, Ultra-violet units, lights, and other pond equipment. Whether you want a natural pond in your garden to attract wildlife, or a crystal clear pond teeming with large colourful Koi, our expert knowledge will enable us to design and build your perfect pond. Without the correct maintenance, a pond will never look at its best. Plants must be kept trimmed back, and re-potted if necessary. Blanket weed, and algae can build up around waterfalls, and rocks. Pumps, filters, and UV’s require regular care to keep them working effectively. All ponds will need complete cleaning out at some stage. Organic waste builds up over time, discolouring the water, and potentially harming fish and wildlife.

When cleaning out ponds, we carefully transfer all wildlife to temporary holding tanks, which can be aerated if necessary, Eco Aquatics provide a seasonal pond maintenance schedule that changes it requirements in line with the ecological balance of the pond. We have a qualified ecologist within our team, who can provide expert advice on all aspects of pond, and lake management.

Water-features can take many forms. From simple pebble pools, to cascading waterfalls, and ornamental fountains. We can construct any type of feature that you may desire, and are also experts in assembling fountain and water-feature kits. We can provide advice regarding the most suitable type of feature for your garden, patio, or house. Contact us today for a FREE estimate, and design service. Eco Aquatics also offer a maintenance service for your water-feature. This involves thorough cleaning and jet-washing to remove algae build up. We can also service, and replace pumps, liners, lights, etc.